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The Purple Cow Advents

Advent Calendar 2023 FAMILY GAMES by The Purple Cow. 24 OF THE BEST EVER FAMILY GAMES IN ONE BOX – put the screen aside and enjoy hours and hours of FUN. Comes with a step-by-step picture guide. For kids aged 6 and above.

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    • ALL THE BEST EVER FAMILY GAMES IN ONE BOX- Open up the big box to reveal 24 smaller boxes. One box for each day before Christmas. Each box contains 1 unforgettable game. The countdown to Christmas is going to be SOOOO much FUN.
    • DICE GAMES: Farkle and Yatzy.
    • ALL TIMES FAVORITES: Domino , Tic Tac Toe, War (card game).
    • PARTY GAMES: Mini Bowling, Frog Race, Candle in the Bottle, Truth or Dare (spin the bottle), Balloon Volleyball, Tag in the Dark, Doodle a Droodle, Lettergories, Donkey’s tail.
    • NOSTALGIC GAMES: Jackstones, Marbles, Cat’s cradle, Pick up sticks (Mikado), Cootie catcher.
    • OUTDOORS GAMES: Jumpsies, hopscotch.
    • BRAIN TEASERS (SINGLE PLAYER): ‘Find it’, Tangram.
    • TIME OFF SCREEN: This kit is guaranteed to draw the children away from their phone.
    • HOURS AND HOURS OF PLAY TIME- Comes with a big picture guide with step-by-step instructions. Watch the complementary video guide too (only for those games that require a demonstration).